About Us

About Viktoriya Studio

Viktoriya Studio was founded by Viktoriya Voronin as a club for Yoga. After her creative melding Yoga with multiple art cultures and other forms of artistic movements, everyone started to surge in.

Started from 2005, Viktoriya started the studio alone with her own savings. She kept innovating Yoga, her specialized skill. Through many trials and errors, Viktoriya made it through the startup phase with artistic combinations.

To date, Viktoriya and her many teams are working closely to ensure everyone in the studio enjoy the best and healthy Yoga session.

The Team

Here are the instructors that you can find in the studio.

Viktoriya Voronin


Founder of the team - leader of yoga combo artwork.

Ludmila Orlov


Solice Team Leader, great at dancing yoga combo.

Zhanna Zaporozhets


Solice Team choreographer and yoga dancer.

Ekaterina Ivanov


Solice Team DJ musician and yoga dancer.

Nelli Sergeyev


Solice video directing, photography, and yoga dancer.

Neil Sergeyev


Full time specialized yoga instructor in Viktoriya Studio.

Our Principles

In Viktoriya Studio, we have our own principles of yoga practicing.

Family Friendly

Always keep the event family friendly, for kids, for parents, for young gentlemen and ladies.

Customer First

Without them, there is no Viktoriya Studio. Please, always customer first.


Only through passion the greatest artwork shines.

Flexible As Water

The only constant is change so be flexible.

Like our styles and events? Please, come join us!