Our Collaborator - ZORALab

Enjoy the demo site? This website is created by the ZORA Team from their Integra product. Integra integrates all available technologies in the market into a workable commercial technologies.

Designed For Studio

This demo site is specifically designed for Studio-based freelancer, startup, and small & medium enterprise to publish their web presence and selling their event-oriented artworks.

Private Live Streaming

Request came in to ensure Studio is capable to host private live-streaming activities across the Internet. Studio can host both public and private events with proper standards of procedures.

Reliable Technology Providers

Studio built primarily using reliable technology providers like GSuite, Eventbrite, Youtube Livestream, Paypal, and etc. Otherwise, Studio falls back to use open-source technologies to ensure you are not locked-in by specific vendor like Open Broadcaster Studio.

Interested? Feel free to: